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Align to Excellence

Confidence can be cultivated through consistent growth and the acknowledgment of accomplishment. This week’s video will help you align the […]

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Self Deception

Are you fooling yourself, wasting time, and forestalling the inevitable? This week’s video will help you dismantle your self deceptions […]

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Don’t Wait On Me

Your contributions don’t have to be limited by your abilities and time.  This week’s video provides a “personal rule” that […]

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Learning Curves

Is it possible you can learn faster than you currently realize? This week’s video will help you accelerate through your […]

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Life 2.1

As the world comes back online this year, how can you “upgrade” your life operating system? This week’s video will […]

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Positive Tension

If you find yourself constantly changing directions, or having difficulty deciding what to do, you might benefit from MORE tension […]

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