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Challenging Gravity

Are you using gravity to your advantage? Let’s talk about physical tests, serious quests, and extreme opportunities.



Are you using gravity to your advantage? Let’s talk about physical tests, serious quests, and extreme opportunities.

It seems most my my life I’ve been wrestling with gravity in some sense. Juggling multiple objects. Launching my body skyward. Riding or walking hilly trails. I think this relationship we have with gravity is fundamental to the human experience and to the consequences of our choices.

In a physical sense, gravity pulls us toward the center of the earth. It provides a predictable, constant force we can use and struggle against. Yet “gravity” also means “extreme or alarming importance. Seriousness.” Some things, in certain moments matter more and require special attention and action.

When we arrive at a crossroads, one turn may call us toward higher elevation, growth, and opportunity, yet requires much more of us: To journey with effort and integrity. To take a stand. To solve problems. To build strength and resilience. Taking today’s easier, downhill choices may require future uphill climbs to regain ground or just get home.

Your world is full of distractions, noise, and demands. Which of these are most serious? Where is the gravity, the actual, alarming importance? As you handle life’s obligations, opportunities, and relationships, can you elevate above the detail and engage the true gravity of the moment?

I often find there are multiple happenings at once. The work of life, and the way of life. The challenges, and the opportunities. The interactions, and the inspirations or sense of desperation. The chaos, and the clarity of what’s most meaningful.

We live in extraordinary times of abundant opportunities. Easier, enticing, downhill paths are plentiful. Or, you can challenge gravity. Seriously engage what’s important, and become a force for growth, change, and lasting contribution. Until next week, stay Off Balance On Purpose.


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