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Choose your Struggle

Struggling is not optional. But the great news is that you get to choose, in many respects, what you will struggle with and how you will do it.

This week’s video, from Breckenridge, CO, will give you a perspective and method to choose the struggles that serve you best.



  • Susan Caudle says:

    This one was just what I needed to hear.

  • Diana says:

    Great message as usual. Well timed for me.

  • Dean Fahselt says:

    Lean into struggle and discover what it is trying to teach you. Such a wonderful message. Thank you. ??

  • Even though this video blog is one year old, it still offers a fresh perspective on how to gain control over our struggles. We all have them. If we say we don’t, we’re not being truthful with ourselves! I was able to attach this in a weekly email I send to my Bible study group. Thank you for the time it takes you to produce these features. You are making a difference in the lives of many.

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