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Clarity Over Certainty

This week’s video will help you release the need for certainty, attain clarity about what matters most and, discern valuable opportunities for your work and life!



If you’re in need clarity or seeking certainty, well, this week’s video is definitely for you.
We waste a lot of energy and self-induce anxiety when we misuse the concepts of certainty and clarity. Certainty is useful to find your footing. Where have you been? What have you learned? When it comes to the future, however, it’s not about certainty. It’s about clarity.
As leaders, and in your own life, decisions rarely happen from a place of certainty. If you’re waiting to be certain to decide, you’ll likely never decide, and the failure to commit to what is uncertain delays opportunities, growth, and progress. Instead, make your real goal clarity, in one or more of the following forms:
Clarity of Strengths and Value – What are you good at? And where do those strengths most contribute?
Clarity of Principles – What do you believe and want your work or life to stand for?
Clarity of Opportunities – Be less concerned about end results, and take the on-ramps to meaningful growth.
Clarity of Questions – Specifically, what do you want to know, learn, or discover?
Clarity of People – Who inspires you? How can you empower others? And who do you want on your team?
The more clarity you gain about your intentions, your desires, and yourself, the bigger the lens through which you see what’s next. You get excited as you glimpse more of what’s true and possible, as well as, the next questions to explore. And clarity, like you, is ever expanding and evolving. And of that, I’m fairly certain. Until next week, stay Off Balance On Purpose.


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