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      Commitments to Yourself

      How often do you advocate others’ desires over your personal intentions and commitments? This week’s video will help you keep more of the promises you make to yourself.



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      Why can it be so hard to keep commitments to yourself? And h ow do you follow through for … well … you?
      We make commitments to others all the time. Promises kept. Obligations fulfilled. If your reputation matters, than so does your word, and others’ expectations.
      But what about the commitments you make to yourself? Promises made in your mind or written, just to you? How often do you discount or dismiss those, and why can they be so hard to keep?
      Part of the reason is they’re intangible. You don’t often voice or write a self-intention. You think it, and it makes perfect sense in the moment. Then circumstances change. Reality shifts, and a previous commitment is postponed. The problem is, those are often the ones that can truly change your life, and increase your self confidence. Here are three strategies to help you keep your own commitments.
      1. Publish your promise. Give your commitment tangible form by writing it down and making it real. Post it where you see it regularly, in your bathroom or office.
      2. Put it in motion. Schedule the first steps. Create an obligation. Rather than waiting for readiness, demonstrate readiness in small, yet significant ways.
      3. Enlist accountability. To bolster your personal commitment, ask someone you trust and respect to hold you accountable. Tell them why this matters and share your intentions and timeline.
      Others will advocate their priorities for you. Yet only you know what matters most! So, lean into your commitments, and instead of letting yourself down, lift yourself up. Until next week, stay Off Balance On Purpose.


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