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      Complexity You Choose

      How much of your life’s complexity is self assigned? Owning that answer can help you change everything.



      How much of your life’s complexity is self assigned? Owning that answer can help you change everything.

      I’m speaking in Orlando this week, which takes considerable preparation and effort. Yet I also decided to bring my mountain unicycle, come in a day early, rent a car, and go riding with my friend Bobby in Mt. Dora. Was this necessary? Of course not. Was it complicated? Absolutely.

      Life and business are full of complexities of all kinds. Many problems are necessarily complex, and you can’t understand how much so until you’re in it, as we tend to oversimplify what we don’t intimately understand.

      Says the guy who makes two minute videos.

      Then there’s malevolent complexity. These are the challenges that are intentionally meant to disrupt or discourage you. But that’s a subject for another day.

      Complexity you choose is, by far, my favorite type. Instead of just finding the easiest way, you intentionally invite complication to attain higher quality, deepen an experience, or expand a relationship. You elevate your work and life in significant ways. Deciding to change a habit, take a course, start a family or a business, are also examples of invited complications.

      However, you also choose complexity by failing to address what you know needs attention. Hit the snooze button on today’s issues and you’re choosing, very likely, a bigger version of that challenge down the road. This is true for business decisions, health concerns, relationships, and patterns of self-destructive behavior.

      Intentional change brings on complexity and complications. No doubt!  And so does forestalling the inevitable. The question is, which complexity will you choose? Until next week, stay Off Balance On Purpose.

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