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How can you experience happiness, even as hardship, pain, and uncertainty abound? Use these five keys to unlock the door to greater contentment.



In a “never enough” world with perpetual negative news, how can you ever be truly okay? Contentment isn’t a hypothetical condition. It’s a present necessity.
Complacency is an undesirable trait, typically involving self-deception. Ignore the threats. Overlook mistakes. Stay smugly satisfied with our current selves, resisting future growth.
On the other hand, contentment is the real deal. Being truly happy right now, even amidst the uncertainty or the chaos that surrounds you, or the promise of impending doom. This elusive feeling is not attained by reaching a certain station or accomplishing enough tasks. It’s far bigger.
Contentment doesn’t mean you’re done, or fully satisfied. You can have big dreams, heartfelt desires, and meaningful goals yet still be content. Comfortable in your own skin, in the moment you’re living, contributing something true and beautiful. Here are five keys to greater contentment.
1. Stay grateful. Appreciate all you are and all you have, knowing it’s already enough.
2. Work hard. Improve yourself. Encourage others. Advance important work and ideas.
3. Have faith. Embrace the challenging days, expecting better days to come and astonishing miracles.
4. Do no harm. Don’t contribute to what’s undesirable. Repair the wrongs of your past. Resolve, going forward, to assist and understand.
5. Act as if. You’ll likely live many more years, and yet your life could end any day. With both perspectives, you can have ambition, humility, and greater joy.
Most people only get the “big picture” after all the scenes have all played out and the credits start to roll. Grasp greater meaning now. Craft an inspiring story. Become the hero, pursuing future desires with ever present contentment. Until next week, stay Off Balance On Purpose.


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