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Crafting Your Masterpiece

This last weekly coaching video of 2022, from Florence, Italy, gives you three essential principles to elevate your life’s work. You’ll also enjoy beautiful imagery and stunning examples from a classic, beautiful city.



As we approach the year’s end, step back for perspective to see what you’ve been creating. Are you encouraged? Inspired? Or unsatisfied?  Allow me to share some thoughts that may help, this chilly morning, from Florence, Italy.
Florence is a stunningly beautiful city, central to the Italian Renaissance, infused with masterworks of art and architecture. Millions come each year to witness what was, experience what is, and get a glimpse of what’s possible. And although few will dedicate their lives, such as Michelangelo, Brunelleschi, or DaVinci, to genius level contributions, we can all find purpose in these enduring principles.
1. BUILD WHAT LASTS. Brunelleschi’s dome atop Florence Cathedral, completed in 1436, overcame many setbacks and critics, employed innovative methods, and took sixteen years to complete. Earlier attempts met with disaster, yet this structure remains a symbol of the city.
What are you building in your life and career that will endure? Are your foundational principles solid or precarious, and how can you strengthen them for the future?
2. KEEP WHAT’S ESSENTIAL. Sculpture was Michelangelo’s favorite medium, and his works, including David and Pieta are both amazing and priceless. Now this art form, rather than building or adding paint to a canvas, is all about removal – taking away what’s not essential.
As you set your intentions for the coming year, what are you ready to remove, chip away, or let go of? Beliefs? Behaviors? Certainties? This is scary, but essential work, as you destroy what is to reveal more of what’s possible.
3. PURSUE WHAT’S BEAUTIFUL. Lastly, I’d urge you to pursue what’s beautiful. How you live, speak, work, and play all carry the impression of your choices. Speak with care. Work with craft. Create to inspire, like DaVinci, who solved practical problems in beautiful ways.
So instead of recycling last year’s failed resolutions, take a serious moment to commit to building what lasts, keeping only what’s essential, and pursuing more of what you regard as beautiful. In this way, you will continuously create your life masterpiece, and you’ll definitely be, Off Balance On Purpose.


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