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Creating the New

With the New Year upon us, you may find excitement and fresh momentum. But can you recapture “newness,” regardless of the calendar? This week’s video will show you how!



The New Year brings promise and expectations of what’s to come. But the real challenge is to keep the “newness ” alive. So this week, we’re Off Balance On Purpose, keeping it new!
New Years start with a celebration and the promise of better possibilities! And this year is perhaps even more welcome, because of the trials and challenges of 2020.
In reality, though, new possibilities, brighter outcomes, and exciting beginnings can happen any day and any moment. If you want a life upgrade, you don’t have to wait for a calendar. So how do you intentionally create newness and positive expectation?
I’m here at a trail I’ve never ridden before even though it’s fairly close to home. I tend to default to spots that I know and love. But  today, I’m mixing it up, and I feel a different excitement, wondering where it will take me and if I’ll be up for the challenge.
You keep it new by interrupting reflexive responses and preprogrammed patterns. You choose a new response, even if you aren’t sure where it will take you. That’s how newness works. You choose a new path and then heighten your attention and curiosity. You’ll gain clarity, energy, and even confidence when you realize you have what it takes!
To create the new, you must act differently. Even small changes can shift the familiar. So, here are five suggestions for creating the new  in your life.
1. Say something more positive and encouraging than usual.
2. Explore your surroundings. Go someplace you’ve never been before. Or go somewhere familiar but with the curiosity of a tourist.
3. Go to class. Become a beginner, learning something new without the pressure of having to have it all figured out.
4. Make change. When you see a better way, take it. Do it. Don’t feel you have to convince others or get permission in order to initiate something meaningful.
5. Discard the old. When some thing, or some behavior has outlived its useful purpose, let it go!
It’s really not so much about the New Year as it is new moments, and new responses. So this week, trust yourself to lean in to the unfamiliar, Off Balance On Purpose.


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