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      Creative Helping

      When someone you care about is overwhelmed, and normal means aren’t working, how can you help? This week’s video provides creative ideas to connect and make a valuable difference.



      How do you help someone who’s truly struggling? Let’s get creative.
      This week’s question comes from Danelle, who asks, “When trying to help someone who’s overwhelmed, what do you do when what used to work doesn’t?”  Thanks for the question, Danelle. One of the things I love about this audience is you’re motivated, not just to improve yourselves, but to positively impact others!
      I’m not a therapist, and everyone’s situation is different. Yet I know people need people who believe in them, especially when they don’t believe in themselves. If you’re trying to help someone, though, and you’re broadcasting on the wrong frequency … well, more volume isn’t useful.
      When people are fragile, it’s easy to be fearful of making it worse. Instead, bring confident love. Extend empathy and acceptance. Share a genuine moment with them, and then move through the process together. Often people who are hurting don’t understand exactly why.
      Reflect back the beauty and strength you see in them. Help them change something. Anything. Start with physical location or a different experience. New sights, sounds, and stimulation. Get creative, and be consistently dependable. Even if your help doesn’t always appear welcome, know that it’s extremely valuable. Be a reliable source of strength and encouragement.
      If you’re overwhelmed, or helping someone who is, one of my favorite exercises involves “Zooming Out.” In your mind’s eye, imagine vividly your anxious situation, and then zoom out your mental perspective until you see it from a distance. Keep backing out, until you’re 100 feet above, and then a thousand! And then, just keep going, until eventually, you see the planet spinning in space. And in that moment, you may realize that what seemed huge and ominous may not be that big of a deal.
      When life seems too much, find a way to simplify. Go back to basics. Move through just the next the moment, being truthful and real. It’s okay to not have the answers. Hang with the questions, and notice how helping others also helps you. I hope that helps. Keep the questions coming, my friends, and until next week, stay Off Balance On Purpose.


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