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Dan Thurman, Dan Thurmond or Dan Thurmon?

What’s in a name?

As a professional motivational speaker who delivers keynote speeches for Opening, Closing and General Sessions across the country, I meet a lot of people. My name, Dan Thurmon, often appears on screen, in conference programs, and on signs outside my sessions. The problem is, it often appears incorrectly.

You see, my name is not Dan Thurman or Dan Thurmond. It is Dan Thurmon.

Don’t take this the wrong way. It does not bother me, personally. I understand the confusion and confess that remembering names is not exactly my strong suit.

The problem is, many times people try to find me by searching for Dan Thurman or Dan Thurmond, and they have difficult doing so. That is why I am writing this Blog post. If you searched for Dan Thurman (or some other incorrect spelling) of my name and found this page, you’ve made it to my website and are in the right place! Now, you can watch my videos, send me an email, or learn more about my programs, clients, and the like.

Other common misspelling of my names, include:

  • Dan Thurman (any relation to Uma?)
  • Don Thurmon (not Don, but Dan)Don Thurman (swapping vowels, first and last)
  • Don Thurmond (like “Strom Thurmond”)
  • Dan Thurmond (one “d” too many)
  • Dan Therman (maybe it was just a typo)
  • Don Therman (ok, that’s not even close)

I really don’t care how you spell my name. I really just want to make sure that people who want to connect with me (and my message) actually find me. My keynote presentations and books focus on peak performance and help people navigate uncertainty with confidence. I call that living Off Balance On Purpose.

Because of my high energy, highly visual and physical programs, incorporating acrobatics, juggling and audience interaction, I am often told that my performances are unforgettable. What is forgettable, though, is the correct spelling of my name.

I’m OK with that.

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