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Deep Dive with Fran Tarkenton

When I posted several weeks ago about my deep dive interview with NFL Hall of Fame Quarterback, Fran Tarkenton, many people reached out, curious to see how it unfolded. Here, in its entirety, is the free flowing, thought-provoking exchange. Enjoy!

I absolutely love being around people who are oriented toward excellence. It reminds me of my personal goals and puts my own humble achievements into proper context. Also note as you watch Fran in action, that the “great ones” never seem to lose their curiosity or passion for learning. I know I’m better for having spent time with Fran, and I think you’ll feel the same after watching this short program.

  • Tak Kurtz says:

    That was GREAT! Mr. Tarkenton asked wonderful questions that really helped paint a good picture…and Dan you looked great, and your message is clear! 50 this year, right?! hahaha…to get 50 years down…you are working on being a good 60 year old ( in joke).

  • Doug Iverson says:

    Minute 20 was a powerful message. I am a GM with all my staff being younger than I am. If I seem to “know everything” I am teaching my staff to quit learning. Great point and I will hope to better myself with this message. Thank you, Dan, and thank you, Fran.

  • CJ Keenan says:

    Thanks Dan! It’s really great to remember that we’re not meant to be perfect but rather to be present and engaged in each moment of our lives so we can learn and grow.

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