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Deliberate Getaway

Getting away doesn’t require an enormous investment, or a distant destination. It might not even require moving more than a few steps. What you need to “get away” depends on your own desire and a personal plan of action.



If your everyday reality has become an uninspiring grind, it just might be time for a getaway. This week we’re Off Balance On Purpose and back on the road.

This week my son and I are on a Florida road trip, away from familiar demands and distractions. Just two days in, we’ve already shared deep conversations, meaningful moments, and visits with dear friends who also happen to be circus superstars. My wife  joins us at the next stop, and the adventure continues.

2020 has required us all to stay put, which has been a huge adjustment. And yet the limitations have provided enormous gifts, including appreciation for what it means to get away. You only know something’s true value when it is no longer an option.

Getting away doesn’t require an enormous investment or a lengthy trip. But it does require that you give yourself permission to go… and let go. Let go of what is typical, familiar, and immediately pressing. Only then, can you fully embrace something new.

Very soon, depending upon your health and circumstances, please plan your intentional getaway. Even if it’s for a weekend, or a day!  And also, incorporate “getaway moments” into your everyday experience. You can claim many of the benefits of escape, staying right where you are, if you will release, refresh, and rename.

Release – Let go of your heaviest burdens. Control what you can. Release what you can’t … once and for all!
Refresh – Deliberately seek out newness. Change your surroundings. Have different conversations. Say “yes” to new experiences and alternate options.
Rename – Stop believing accepted conclusions, judgements and limitations. Start seeing unlimited roads to travel, and the futility of itemizing problems and excuses. Getaway from negativity, and relabel roadblocks as exciting detours.

Everyday has come to mean “ordinary.” And yet every day is original, fleeting, and rich with opportunity! Explore, experiment, and experience this day and the unlimited options that it offers right now. Until next week , stay Off Balance On Purpose.


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  • Rita Park says:

    Thanks Dan! Your messages are always so relevant to our world!

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