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Discretionary Effort

In a world where convenience is king, we have lost something truly important.

The search for short cuts, quick fixes and instant everything comes at a cost. The “get ‘r done” mindset and elevation of all that is “easy,” has caused us to overlook an essential fact:

Quality matters.

In fact, you could say quality is all that there is. Your mark on the world – and let’s get clear, you will leave one, whether you wish to or not – represents more than your work or thinking. Your legacy, an impression upon everyone you meet and everything you touch, will shout loudly of your approach to quality – your personal measure of excellence.Women running on stairs Effort endures.

Discretionary effort is the key to success, excellence, and I believe, happiness. Discretion means it comes not out of obligation, but out of personal desire. Your choice. In any given situation, you choose your level of contribution, depth of thinking, quality of execution, and degree of attention.

You may say that you don’t have a choice. You are required to behave, operate, work, or perform to a certain standard. Life itself dictates your pace, and therefore, your level of engagement. If you had more time, you would certainly do more or do better. Right?

Wrong. Don’t let yourself off the hook that easy.

Not enough time is not the problem.

We all have the same amount of time. And the key is that when you apply additional effort, it doesn’t take much to make a huge difference.

That’s the great news. When most others are settling for “enough to get by,” it is relatively easy to stand out and excel.  The application of just a bit more effort will amplify the impact of all that you do. As a result, you will take greater pride, inspire greatness in others, and leave a mark and contribution that truly matters. Go a little further than others are willing to go, and you will stand out by far.

An extra step. A closer look. The right way, not the quick way. Because it matters. To you.

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