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Do for Love

Real life isn’t glamorous, and it’s rarely easy. But life can also provide perfect moments when you realize you are exactly where you are supposed to be!

This week, I wanted to share a story that just happened, as well as some encouragement to increase the LOVE you bring into your everyday experiences.

  • Gary says:

    Great video! Congrats on position at NSA. Mr President!

  • Diana says:

    LOVE., love love love this!!

  • Barbara says:

    Great message!

  • Andrea Ivins says:

    Lots of love to you for this reminder!!

  • India Willis says:

    I have received your inspirational videos for a year now and oh how you have inspired me to do better. I am definitely looking into NSA as one of my professional development resources for 2019. Thank you for all that you do!

    • Dan Thurmon says:

      India, this is incredibly meaningful to me. Thank you for staying tuned in for a full year of video coaching, and for sharing that it has had a pronounced impact on your life! That gives me great satisfaction, knowing that we’ve made a positive difference in your life. And I look forward to future connections next year, including those at NSA!

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