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      Doing Enough

      How do you know when you’ve done enough work to warrant free time? This week’s video offers a reminder of our recent past and useful advice for right NOW.



      Today I want to share a video we’ve been waiting two months to show you.  I had just landed in Nashville from Jerusalem on March 6th and shot this video.  And then world events shifted so abruptly that a new message was required.  But I think that this timing is just right and this message takes on a new meaning right now. I hope you enjoy it.
      How do you know if you’re doing enough? This week we’re Off Balance On Purpose in Nashville.
      This week’s topic came from our son, Eddie, who edits these videos, attends Berklee College of Music, practices constantly, and plays in an up and coming Boston band. And he asked me dad, “How do I know if I’ve earned my free time? Because there’s always more to do.”
      Great question, for all of us. And it is awesome to have drive and ambition. As a dad, I’m so proud. And there comes a point where you can go too far. Overwork brings stress and diminishing returns. Fatigue reduces quality and health.
      High performance and growth require time for renewal and even escape. Take spontaneous and planned departures from the grind, and give yourself permission to enjoy it. Be with your friends and have fun!
      But here’s the thing. You can also create stress by NOT doing what’s necessary, or falling behind on your commitments. You can wear yourself out avoiding obligations or productivity.
      The key, I think is intention. Check in with awareness and self-honesty. If if the intention of downtime is renewal, reward, or savoring life, then go for it. If the intention is avoidance, or self-sabotage, than it’s probably not serving your cause.
      It’s not just about what you want or need to do. It’s also about who you want to become. Think of simultaneously striving for accomplishment and appreciation. Get it done, and be known as a person who keeps their commitments. But don’t race by the moments, the people, and the laughs that enrich your life. Because when it comes to being you, everything counts.
      Don’t be surprised to discover the play and downtime deliver the insights and inspiration to further your work. The two really do, go hand in hand. So work with purpose and personal satisfaction, and play with freedom and renewal.
      I love you, son. Until next week, stay Off Balance On Purpose.


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