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Don’t. Be Afraid.

Does fear really keep you safe? Or does being afraid produce greater strength and achievement? This week’s video, shot in downtown Chicago, will help you leave behind what makes you afraid in order to become more affirmed in who you truly are.



The world is telling you, “Don’t be afraid,” with some added punctuation. “Don’t. Be afraid.” We’re Off Balance On Purpose in Chicago.
“Don’t be afraid,” even if well intentioned, is difficult advice to follow, mainly because your mind can’t be told what not to think. However, we live in a world that thrives on your fear, and wants to keep you that way. A frightened you is easier to manage and manipulate. So don’t. Be afraid.
The world doesn’t advocate for your mental health and well being. Outside forces would rather you be afraid, small, angry, resentful, compliant, and obsessed. Don’t think for yourself or discover your greatness. The world wants you weak, broke, and out of shape. Eat this. Buy that. Finance everything.
Not because they hate you, but because a little you helps them be bigger and more powerful. And maybe helps them feel better about themselves.
You must become your own advocate. Interpret your world and circumstances to your benefit. Don’t be afraid. Be affirmed.
Affirmed that you are worthy of joy and happiness. You are stronger than your negative impulses. You’re not better than anyone else, but you are special and unique. And you have a gift for the world.
You deserve happiness, and it doesn’t come from external validation or owning stuff. It comes from knowing yourself and learning how to run your own mind. Advocate for your health, your safety, and your opportunities.
I want you to find your strength and self confidence. Believe in yourself and your worthiness. Discover the joy of exerting effort to improve yourself and own the results. So be affirmed. And until next week, stay Off Balance On Purpose.


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