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Don’t Eat Elephants!

How do you tackle huge challenges without being overwhelmed or getting burned out? This week’s video will help you bring those beasts down to size.



How do you accomplish enormous goals and tasks? Let’s tackle that assignment, with a different take. We’re Off Balance On Purpose in Savannah.
How do you eat an elephant? Well, you don’t. They’re a protected species, and also extremely chewy. I’m assuming. But the traditional answer “one bite at a time,” suggests that really big projects can only be consumed in bite sized, digestible pieces. Instead of being overwhelmed with enormity, you break up the work into small, consistent actions you can can sink your metaphorical teeth into.
I get it. My wife and I are simultaneously in the middle of selling two properties, buying a third, moving, planning a conference, finishing my manuscript and her film, while traveling, and keeping existing commitments. It’s not just one elephant. It’s a herd! So, if you’re feeling overwhelmed by an impending challenge, I have sincere empathy, encouragement, and some suggestions to help.
1. Is this really necessary? If you’re eating elephants out of obligation or inefficiency, it’s time to get clear on what is and what isn’t required, and why and if this really matters to you. If so, own it. If not, let it go.
2. Envision the Outcome.  Start by understanding what it will look and feel like when you’re done. When will you be satisfied?  What does “finished” look like to you?
3. Manage Momentum. You could just “start somewhere.” Or, you can start where you get quick results and build traction. Then, keep it going with consistent effort, careful not to burn yourself out.
4. Don’t Go Backwards. With big jobs, resist the temptation to rework what you’ve already done.
5. Get Help.  Instead of trying to eat it all yourself, do what you can and do best, and employ others to contribute.
Do you want it done well, done fast, or done cheaply? Usually, you can have only two of those options, so be realistic in your expectations. And try to see this “big task” as an enormous opportunity. Not everyone gets to take this on, learn, and accomplish what you are about to realize. So until next week, chew on that, bon appetite, and stay Off Balance On Purpose.


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