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Are you driven? This week’s video will help you find and build DRIVE when you aren’t quite feeling it.



What drives you, and what do you do when you’re just not feeling it? This week we’re Off Balance On Purpose creating drive.
It’s an awesome feeling when you wake up with a sense of purpose, tons of energy, and the drive to go make it happen. But what do you when you when you’re still in park? Or reverse?
Road trip! Just the idea of setting out on a long, purposeful drive gets you excited. And you know what to do. Start organizing what to bring. Plan your route and places to stop. And once you’re on the trip, you’re alert to your surroundings. Time passes differently. And everything seems new and interesting.
Taking a road trip is one way to create drive, literally. Or you can employ the same principles and experience more drive right where you are.
1. Destination – Without a desirable destination, or purpose, you will wander. You’ll distract yourself and try to make ambiguity more interesting. But once you decide and commit to what you’re doing, where you’re going, and when, everything changes.
2. Commitment – Commitments exist outside your mind. Once you transcend thought, and put wheels and plans into motion, you will feel differently about what’s ahead of you.
3. Action – It’s not about doing more, but doing what’s necessary. And that means NOT doing what isn’t. Because you can’t travel to two places at the same time. Create space in your days by saying “no” more often and by advocating for what truly moves you forward.
4. Fuel – Fill up your tank – your mind and body – with better food and better information. Generate quality energy with regular exercise.
You’ll experience more “drive” when the force inside of you builds, clarifies, and connects to what’s in front of you. Start with small but meaningful tasks to build momentum. And when truly lost, don’t be afraid to ask for direction. Until next week, stay Off Balance On Purpose.


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