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Easy for Them

You may not be aware of how “easy” it is to discourage yourself while elevating others. This week’s video will help you discover the upsides of your challenges to create unique and rewarding success.



Why is it some people seem “set up” for success, while you struggle at every turn? What’s easy for them seems unreachable for you, and that perception creates a huge challenge. So let’s change it, right now.
We diminish what we can’t do or don’t understand in order to protect our ego. So when we see others who have success that we admire, we seek to justify the “gap” between our results and theirs. It’s so easy for them because of their natural talent, connections, background, money, good looks, or sheer dumb luck.
Many years ago, when I became a corporate speaker and coach, I immediately saw all the reasons others were successful and I wasn’t. I was too young, I didn’t have the right background, or wasn’t “credible,” didn’t have the experience, or the book, and so much else.
This act of “self preservation,” becomes “self harm,” as we immediately shut down three important realities:
1. Similar results are possible for you, if you do what it takes.
2. You possess unique strengths and attributes, and
3. Every upside has a downside. In other words, it’s never as easy as you think, for anyone.
In my life, for example, having entertaining and acrobatic talents helps me to engage audiences and can make it more difficult to be perceived as a thought leader and business consultant. I’ve had to learn to use the upside while minimizing the downside, or turning that into another upside. In order to become your best ally, you have to stop being your worst critic, and honestly answer these three questions:
1. What are your unique attributes, strengths and talents. We undervalue our gifts because we already have them. Get specific, properly value your uniqueness, and put it to use with confidence!
2. What’s the upside to your downside? Every downside has an upside. Lack of experience provides “fresh eyes,” limited resources promotes ingenuity, and low expectations position you for stealth success!
3. How do you minimize the downsides of your upside? How is it that your advantages can undermine your success, and what will you do about that?
Success always create skeptics who diminish what it takes. And it always looks easy after it happens. Don’t take that bait. Learn from those who can, and do. Create your own success, and then smile when others say, sure, it’s easy for you. Until next week, stay Off Balance On Purpose.


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