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Elevating Reps

How do you escape repetitive negative patterns while growing in ability, consistency, and reputation? This week’s video will help you get more out of every day opportunities.



How do you hone a skill or escape a limiting pattern? In either case, the answer lies in repetition.
You’re reputation is honed through repetition. Where are you consistent, solid, and dependable? Or, your track record may include less desirable regularities like being late, causing conflict, or falling short of expectations.
A great deal of frustration, and inner torment comes from pretending to ourselves and others that we’re more capable than we actually are. You want that next level, see others who have it, and feel you deserve it. It’s your turn!
You may be right. Or, you may just not be ready. All skills are honed through repetition combined with curiosity and a genuine desire to improve. It’s not just about more reps, but increasingly better attempts. That takes humility.
Don’t confuse being ready with being worthy. You have worth as a human being. You’re unique and gifted in some or many ways. But that alone does not make you deserving of opportunities or results. That takes competence. You need more and better reps.
Then there are the situations in life that are repetitive in negative ways. They show up in relationships, money, physical health, employment, mental wellness. If you’re asking, “why does this always happen to me?” The answer is – reps. You’re handling familiar challenges in typical ways, despite the fact that it didn’t work last time.
Life is trying to teach you lessons. If you didn’t get it initially, you’ll create a bigger version of a similar test. Don’t wait until the “final exam” to change your approach. Instead of repeating what doesn’t work, find better answers.
As you increase your reps in number, intention, and ability, you’ll create different, better results and a respectable reputation. Until next week, stay Off Balance On Purpose.


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