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Empty Handed?

Want to have better invitations, opportunities, and friends? This week’s video will show you how to make that happen by improving the offerings you bring.



Want to get better invitations, opportunities and friends?  Well, watch this two minute video! We’re Off Balance On Purpose in Wisconsin.
My friend Bello tells a story about his dad giving a friend detailed directions to his house. You turn there, then there, third house on the left. Park in the driveway, go up the stairs, and then kick the door with your foot. “Why do you want me to kick the door?” the friend asked.
“Well, you’re not coming to my house empty handed? Are you?”
If you’re like me, this funny anecdote will stay with you as an amusing reminder to be a better leader, a great host, a thoughtful guest, and a net plus to any situation you enter. Like my friend Bill, who recently stayed at our home. He brought gifts and snacks with him, and then, once home,  sent us a container of plants and a note. What’s even more impressive, is during the hours we spent together, Bill was constantly striving to help me, my wife and others do and get more of what we wanted.
Small, thoughtful gifts go a long way towards makeing an impact. It’s not about the stuff though, as much as the intention of contribution. Even more important, bring your attention, curiosity, ideas, and genuine interest. Don’t show up and squat. Get there and give!
And if you’re thinking, “Well, I don’t have much to offer,” you’re feeding insecurity and getting in the way. Flip the script. It’s not about you. It’s about them.  Ask, listen, validate. And you’ll realize you a lot to offer.
Don’t arrive empty handed, expecting others to provide. Be a net plus wherever you go. You’ll get better invites, and people will celebrate your arrival. Until next week, stay Off Balance On Purpose.


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