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      Today’s video will help you maximize your ability to make others stronger and fill their hearts. You have the power to improve the quality, and possibilities, of countless lives – including your own!



      Are you spreading hope, possibility and confidence? This week we’re Off Balance On Purpose, encouraging.
      If you want to make the world a better place, develop the simple, wonderful habit of encouraging others. Encouragement is often neglected, extremely powerful, and needed by nearly everyone you encounter, regardless of their story or status.
      The word “encourage” has French origins, and literally means to make stronger, add courage, give heart. By contrast to discourage someone, even slightly, takes away their power, diminishes their confidence and potential and disheartens them. And the truth is you’re very likely doing both of these things, without even knowing it. Do you realize that you have the power to affect the trajectory of someone’s life?
      Now you may be thinking, I don’t feel all that powerful, or know exactly what to say.  Who am I, and why does my opinion even matter? You are, to every person you encounter, a reflection of their presence. You can encourage someone you don’t know with a simple smile or validating nod. Simply “seeing” them and reflecting back a positive impression could be the moment that carries them through a difficult day or secret struggle.
      You don’t need sophistication, skill, or deep wisdom to encourage. You don’t need to make an investment in someone’s life or success. An attentive ear, a few simple words and an ounce of belief can make an enormous difference.
      Think of your own life. Who encouraged you, especially at critical moments?  What did that mean to you? Now consider how providing that same gift, especially to someone young, or struggling, can change them, their life course, and future possibilities.
      Activate others. Project belief. Become the encourager that you once needed, or currently need, and notice how strengthening someone else’s heart fills yours, gives you confidence, and provides wonderful satisfaction. You are amazing and powerful! So be encouraged. And be encouraging. Until next week, stay Off Balance On Purpose.


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