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      Have these recent weeks caused you to question the “essential” nature of your job … or your life? This week’s video delivers an essential lesson that will bring clarity, and show you how to turn disruption into transformation.




      Are you at home right now now, like me, or going off each morning to a very different workplace? The answer depends upon whether your job is viewed as “essential.” Well this week we’re Off Balance On Purpose, essentially.

      First, let me set the record straight. You are essential. Your life, ideas, and contributions matter, to me and to many. Your words and thoughts are uniquely yours, and have enormous value. And even during times of lack, there is an abundance within you to become, create, and give so much more.

      We will never forget these days. And, believe it or not, we will look back sooner than you think, with gratitude for what they gave us. The hardship and confusion will diminish. The uncertainty will transform into a clearer path. And the “gift” will be long lasting, especially if you claim it now.

      Think of this as a “forced reset,” the opportunity to honestly examine, the quality and condition of your life and discover what truly is essential.  When the comfort and routine of your reality is obliterated, you are forced to face what really matters.

      Maybe you’ve found the essential nature of rest, laughter, solitude, or companionship. You may have for the first time in a long time, immersed yourself in a passion, or indulged in a great book, without feeling guilty. Maybe, forced to live in close proximity with the people in your life, you’ve realized how essential it is to resolve your differences and extend love.

      Perhaps you’ve discovered what you previously thought was essential really isn’t. What seemed so important and took so much of your time and energy was never really working for you, and you need to let it go!

      If you don’t identify and capture these gifts of clarity now, you delay their implementation, or might lose them altogether. Please write them down as a reminder to your future self.

      Disruption is a multiplying force. If you bring fear, it makes you more fearful. If you bring strength, creativity, love, and more of you, it multiplies YOU! You are essential, and so is the learning and growth you’re currently experiencing.  Own it. Claim it. Use it. Share it. Become the catalyst of your own transformation. And until next week, stay Off Balance On Purpose.


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