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      Everyday Hero

      The world needs heroes, not to perform extraordinary feats, but to provide everyday examples of courageous integrity. This week’s video will help you embody your inner hero.



      What would it take for you to be someone’s hero? This week, we’re heroic, in Hot Springs, North Carolina.
      The word “hero,” brings to mind extraordinary people – leaders and first responders. Yet heroism is around us every day and inside you right now. Consider examples of heroes in your life. Who are they, and what do they have in common? I have several, including my parents, my wife, and my friend Philip, who actually owns this coffee shop.
      I think heroes share several qualities. They’re principle driven, defaulting to serve, help, and do what’s right. They’re confident, and do remarkable things without bragging. Their humility keeps ego in check and attention on what’s required.
      Heroes keep it simple. They respond to their circumstances with kindness, integrity, and the right thing, even when the wrong thing is expected. And it’s not purely selflessness. It’s about doing the right thing for personal satisfaction. There’s no greater reward than knowing you met a difficult moment with congruent choices and action.
      Heroes aren’t perfect. Another act of heroism is to admit you made a mistake. Correct and account for the wrongs, not to dismiss them, but to transcend them and reclaim your code.  What are your heroic “Defaults?” Consider this checklist.
      H is for Help. Assist where you notice a need.
      E. Encourage. Be generous with praise and validation, activating other heroes.
      R. Respond with Integrity. Simplify decisions by using your values and principles. And –
      O. Overcome Limitations. Heroes strive to conquer both internal and external challenges.
      In small, everyday ways, even today, you have an opportunity to embody your inner hero. When tested, remember this checklist, and rise to the occasion. And until next week, stay Off Balance On Purpose.


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