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Everything Counts

If “losing” wasn’t possible, how would you choose to live? This short video will help you see how much closer you really are to success.




If “losing” wasn’t possible, how would you choose to live? This week we’re Off Balance On Purpose in Louisville.
All your life, you’ve been told there’s a right way and a wrong way. A winner and a loser. The goal and the disappointment.  And while that may sound inspiring, it actually creates a pretty significant problem.
There are a lot of moments and situations that you’ve handled really well. And even your lowest moments  have earned the unbeatable prize of experience. Your personal outcomes, all of them, are incredibly valuable and uniquely yours. No one on earth has the exact same combination of lessons learned, pain endured, victories and disappointments, that you do.
Owning your history, without judgement, is an absolute prerequisite to understanding your worthiness. Fail to appreciate your past, and you will not grow. You are created for abundance and greatness, and you are a winner because your life – all of it – can serve you and others.
Being defeated defeats you. Stewing in your own inadequacies is unproductive, and also really boring. Even those who are trying to help you may lose interest. But yours is a life of remarkable moments. Claim them!
Everything counts, but you don’t have to count it. It all serves you but you don’t have to know exactly how. Don’t judge it. Learn from it, and commit to improvement, so that you can do more, give more, and become more. So own the extraordinary value of your past and keep leaning in to the next new moment Off Balance On Purpose.

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