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      Excellence and Influence

      You never know who’s in your “audience,” and this week in Kuala Lumpur I had my mind BLOWN by an unexpected encounter! Hear the story in this week’s video, and find out the number one key to being truly influential. If you commit to this principle, your life will expand in ways you can’t even imagine.

    • Diana Thurmon says:

      Great ,message, Dan. You have definitely influenced a lot of folks and we are always proud of you.

      • Dan Thurmon says:

        Well, Mom, it all started with your influence upon me – not only by being my champion, but also living a congruent example of how to live, love, and contribute.

    • Kurtz Tak says:

      You never know who is in your audience!
      I loved this video , and I have used that expression ever since I first heard you say it to me back in the 1990’s! And it can without a doubt work in the negative too! I recently hired an employee that, that spoke perfect English, and she said i was her teacher when she was just 4. She never forgot me, and said that even though she was only that I was the most amazing person she ever met, and that I had influenced her life. Funny as in return I told her to watch your videos Dan!!!

    • George Walther says:

      I’m always amazed at how much you get across in 2:44. And the backgrounds are always fun. You inspire me in ways you don’t know, and I’ll have a chance to tell you exactly how next time I see you.

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