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Fear Factors

When fear is in the air, how do you choose to respond? This week’s video respectfully suggests an alternative focus to help you transcend fear, act with confidence, and contribute what matters most.




When fear is in the air, how do you chose to respond? This week we’re Off Balance On Purpose back home.
Traveling this week was far different than just a week ago. Airports and hotels are desolate. The virus is rising, the market is falling.  Meetings and events are postponing, or canceling altogether. Let’s face it, fear is all around us.
Fear can be sudden or insidious. It commands our focus, strips away confidence, and constricts our personal freedom. This emotion, fear, is pre-installed to help us survive. But if left unchecked, it can prevent us from truly living.
So what can do you when fear, real or imagined, takes hold of your psyche? Learn. Live. And Love.
Learn. Fear is compounded by ignorance and diffused with discernment. When you find yourself on the verge of panic, put yourself on the path of learning. And remember, our news media can help us stay informed, but also thrives on creating conflict. Know when to find your info elsewhere.
Live. Without intervention, fear can cause isolation, inaction and restriction.  Don’t relinquish the power to guide and shape your personal journey. You can be both cautious and joyous. Appreciate the beauty around you, and enjoy your personal freedoms.
And Love. If anything, times of fear require more kindness, empathy, and love. Express your affection for cherished friends and family. Exude love to the strangers you encounter. And accept and appreciate the love that is offered to you.
Every day is both a precarious miracle and an opportunity to create. So when fear is in the air, instead of fanning the flames, provide what is so desperately needed. Lean in to truly learn, live and love. Until next week, stay Off Balance On Purpose.


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