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Feeling Down

This week’s topic: What do you do when you feel down or depressed? Or what do you tell someone else who feels that way?


  • cathy says:

    Saw Dan in person at an HCA division LDI. Impressive, inspiring and entertaining. #believer

  • Erica says:

    Thank you! very good advice!

  • Donna Chenault says:

    What a wonderful idea and message Dan. Excellent advise too! Thank you for sharing. Helping others and connecting with nature always work for me!

  • Larry Edelen says:

    Dan, I haven’t heard from you in a while. GREAT to get this email from the mountains in NC.

  • Barb Bleiler says:

    Great consideration and perspective. Here’s one. You are at a point where you need to reflect on what you really want to do (work wise) but are uncertain about how to go about finding the path that is right for you – any insight?

    • Dan Thurmon says:

      Great question, Barb. That is certainly one I will think about and see if I can offer a useful perspective. For starters, I’d ask that you evaluate what you are great at doing, what you truly enjoy doing, and what people are willing to pay you to do. Look for the intersection (overlap) between those three areas, and you’ll likely find not only your source of passion, but also your quickest pathway to growth and contribution… as you’ll be making decisions that align from your unique strengths. Stay tuned for more.

    • Dan Thurmon says:

      Barb, how would I pronounce your last name if I were to use this question in an upcoming video?

  • Andy Kosiarek says:

    Hey Dan! Great message about shifting focus to rebound from a low state. I’m heading outside to shovel the overnight snowfall (Brrrrr!) to get my morning going and shift my focus for a few minutes. You know, I was wondering if you had any thoughts on the subject of aging as you choose topics for your weekly off balance, on purpose conversations. I imagine there are lots of folks who could benefit from thinking about their own process of growing older with a more positive perspective, despite the many challenges of aging. I enjoy your webcasts!

    • Dan Thurmon says:

      Thanks for the question, Andy! Aging gracefully and with a sense of satisfaction is certainly something I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about. I also have some great mentors in this area. Wheels are spinning as we speak… so stay tuned! Also stay warm while slinging those snow shovels. Go easy on your (aging) back!

  • Dan Thurmon says:

    Thanks everyone for the great and encouraging comments. We already have a couple excellent requests for future “Topic Tuesday” videos. Keep ’em coming!

  • Andrea Ivins says:

    Love this Dan!

  • Diana says:

    I admire your calm style and valuable insights – thanks for sharing the videos. Life’s challenges have been many for me these past five years, especially the last three, when I experienced significant personal losses (career, parents, best friend, etc.) and my cooping choices should have been better. Your videos are calling me to reread / listen to your book. It’s time to move forward in a more positive direction. I need my brain and inner being to awaken to help me identify what I am great at doing, what I truly enjoy doing, and what people are willing to pay me to do.

    • Dan Thurmon says:

      Diana, I admire you and your courage to move past the past (including your coping choices, where were the best you could likely do in those difficult moments). Thank you using these tools in such a meaningful and personal way. I am honored to be one of our encouragers and advocates.

  • George Stoichev says:

    Great video Dan. I do appreciate the fact that I am still on your email list. Thank you! I will be looking for your next video and topic. All the best to you and your family! George Stoichev/ Zlati ‘s dad/

  • Neil says:

    Nice little video thank you Dan and I totally agree with your advice, particularly that of switching your attention to helping others.

    Which switches the focus from yourself onto others and can sometimes get you realising just how fortunate you may be by comparison. This brings me to another method that I would like to add, if I may, and that is one of gratitude.

    Showing real gratitude for all the good things that you have and enjoy in your 5 life spheres. Keep a “Gratitude Journal” and record the gratitude that you feel as and when you feel it. Deliberately look for things in your life that you are genuinely grateful for. The little things are just as important as the bigger ones.

    Regularly read through it and you will find that life maybe isn’t so bad after all.

    And in keeping with the Off-balance, on purpose theme, look for purposeful ways to build on that gratitude with positive actives that include and build on those things that you are grateful for and look to do them with a real passion.

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