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Four Ways to Learn Faster

Do you want to learn faster? We’re in New York City, where everything moves quickly. So, in the next two minutes you’ll get four keys to immediately apply.



When you’re a lifelong learner, time becomes your friend. The more life you experience, the more you can understand, do, attain, and teach. And here are four ways to accelerate your learning.

1. Decide up front – Are you learning for competence or mastery?  If you’re learning for competence, don’t overcomplicate it. Model it. Find a way that works well enough, realizing you may need to expand or replace it later. If you’re learning for mastery, you need to fall in love with the challenge. Become fascinated by it. Learn from all angles, incorporating everything. This takes longer but compounds over time.

2. Avoid bad language. Careless words thought or, especially, spoken can severely slow the learning process. Like, “I’m not good at this.” “I can’t do that.” Or, “I suck.” Such words can diminish learning before it begins and create unnecessary mental hurdles. Instead say, “I’m new at this, but learning quickly.” Or ask, “What can you teach me? I’m actively learning this now.”

3. Use momentum. When you see chances to learn, take them. When you feel learning stalling, apply intention in some way. Make future appointments that will guarantee you advance the effort.

4. Use your free pass. As a beginner, you have a free pass to make mistakes. Use it! Reject embarrassment, or the need to look perfect. Own your status as “learner” and learn faster and more gracefully.

Life is all about learning. So let’s do it gratefully, effectively, and perpetually. Until next week, stay Off Balance On Purpose.

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