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Fresh Eyes

2020 brought intense change and challenge, but also shed insight on what used to be commonplace. Have you gained the gift of “fresh eyes” to capture your progress and most valuable insights? This 2 minute video will help you see and do more of what matters.



It’s not just what you experience, but what you truly see, that improves your options and outcomes. Today we’re in Tampa, Florida at the Renaissance Hotel, Off Balance On Purpose with fresh eyes.

Today, for the first time since March 9th, I ‘m addressing a live audience in person from the front of the room. Not a large crowd. A select group of 22 leaders, properly distanced in a room that can accommodate hundreds. We’re observing all the necessary safety protocols.  And, I have to tell you, I am so excited.

This year, we’ve all gotten good at teaching and learning from a distance. Our Atlanta broadcasting studio is incredible, and we’ve discovered ways that our live digital events actually enhance and improve audience impact and drive client results.

And yet, there’s a certain type of connection that only happens when human beings share the same space; when we present ourselves physically, and look into each other’s eyes. To truly see another person and reflect back an impression of their presence and worth is an essential part of our existence.

In my lifetime, I’ve done thousands of speeches and shows – so many live events that I had come to take them for granted. And yet today, I look at this experience with fresh eyes and true wonder. I feel the nervousness and expectations of what’s possible. Something remarkable and important will happen today, and it will require all of my previous skills, plus what I’ve learned throughout  2020 to create something new, necessary and now for this audience.

What aspects of your job and life are you now looking at with fresh eyes? How will you step back into what used to be ordinary situations with deep appreciation and care? As we come to the end of this amazing year, knowing full well that uncertainty and caution will remain a fixture of our lives, let us resolve to never again let the extraordinary moments we enjoy become routine and commonplace. Make the most of all you see, and all you do. And until next week, stay Off Balance On Purpose.


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