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      From “One Day” to Day One!

      This last message of 2021 will help you build momentum for positive improvement before the New Year begins!  Get ready to turn “one day” into Day One!



      Are you waiting for the right moment to make a change? If so, this message may be exactly on time! Let’s turn “one day” into day one!
      Listen, you don’t have to wait until New Years to begin a journey or improve your life. Every day, including this one, provides an opportunity for transformation. The key resides in seizing the moment, and turning “one day” into day one.
      The simple syntax, or sequencing of those two words turns the desirable into the doable. What’s hopeful into what’s happening.
      “One day” keeps you safe and unaccountable. “Day one,” however, marks this moment as significant and requires different thoughts and actions. Change only happens in the present. So give yourself the gift of an honest response today, using one or more of these four strategies.
      1. Disrupt yourself. You’ve been repeating familiar patterns, yet they don’t deliver what you want. Create a disruption by changing the pattern in a bold and decisive way. You can’t exactly know how it plays out, and that’s ok.
      2. Transcend the Challenge. You’re resisting, in part, because you anticipate difficulty. What if you could transcend the hard part. Instead of fighting it, glide through it. Observe yourself doing what’s necessary, and being strengthened by it.
      3. Start, then Become. You’ve been waiting to change until you were different or better prepared. Yet, there’s no preparation required for honest action, and you will become different immediately after you start.
      4. Enroll Assistance. Commit to someone you respect, or ask for help from someone who’s been there. Become accountable to someone other than you.
      Day One marks a true beginning, not the start of a perfect journey. Get ready to learn. Set backs will reveal what’s needed, yet they don’t alter the fact that you are building momentum, and already on your way to an improved YOU in ‘22. Until next week, stay Off Balance On Purpose.


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