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Get Ready for Disruption

Is it just me, or do you also see the signs of major disruptions coming our way? This week’s video will help you better understand the nature of complex uncertainties. You’ll gain three strategies to increase stability and better secure what you can control.



How can you create more stability to withstand current and coming disruptions? A big question, which we’ll attempt to tackle in two and a half minutes, from Albuquerque, New Mexico.

The world has shrunk, such that we’re connected to people, places, beliefs, ideas, and options everywhere. This has revealed connections, opportunities, and new complexities, plus more information than we can understand or absorb.

Think of a two-dimensional piece of paper. Then watch an origami artist fold it once, then continuously, in practiced fashion to reveal a complex, beautiful, three-dimensional masterpiece. It’s like that in today’s world except everyone is folding pages, and little things change everything.

Add to this the reality of malevolent forces at work and the principle of entropy – which means that all systems trend toward instability and into chaos. Everything breaks or requires increasing effort to maintain.

While this has always been the case, there are signs major systems are ripe for disruption. Out of this can come enormous good and epic challenges – for you and those you know.  I strongly suggest you focus on what you can control, shoring up your stability with these three strategies.

1. Simplify. Wherever possible, shed self-assigned complexity. Make your home, your life, your job, and your priorities simpler. Rather than sacrifice, you may experience addition by subtraction.

2. Fortify.  Fortify what gives you stability. For me this comes down to health, family, friends, finances, and faith. When your world gets rocked, what will you rely upon as your foundation? Give that increasing attention now.

3. Unify. In challenging times we will need each other. Cultivate a community of people you trust. Build bridges with those you don’t yet understand. And mend the relationships you’ve damaged.

Regardless what happens, with greater stability you can seize positive chaos and withstand disruption, remaining more present, curious, and at peace. Until next week, stay Off Balance On Purpose.


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