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      Getting Clear at the End of the Year

      As we enter the “Season of Peace,” you may be experiencing something closer to pandemonium. Our hurried pace and pressing demands can become consuming, distracting, and even maddening. Over time, our brains and bodies become overworked, and our motivations may become misaligned.

      We need to actively combat this “fuzzy thinking.” Liberate yourself from your distractions. Illuminate the path between you and your goals. In other words, you need to get clear.

      Getting End-of-the-Year Clear

      Do NOT wait for January to think about your “resolutions.” I’m not a fan of resolutions. Too often, such bold promises are doomed to fall short of transformation, leaving us even further from our intended goals. Instead, I advocate New Years Evolution, an approach that combines continuous improvement, ongoing adjustments, and a renewed, revitalized sense of purpose.

      Although this time of year brings its own distractions and challenges, it also affords us a great opportunity in time away from your work. This natural disruption to your “normal” routine (and self-perpetuating patterns of action) is valuable. Let’s use this as a time to get clear and begin 2011 with a fresh viewpoint and improved approach.

      In order to Get Clear, you will need three things:

      • Distance – physical and mental separation from your usual surroundings.
      • Solitude – Seek a quiet spot, one that is free from distractions. Turn off your phone and give yourself at least one full hour of concentrated focus on your most important subject … yourself.
      • Honesty – This is not a time for self-deception. You can only begin from where you are. So simply get honest. Then get started.

      The following ten questions are not easy to answer. That’s the whole point! Honest answers to these questions are vitally important to your continued growth and happiness. Apply yourself to the challenge, and I promise you will be rewarded with a new sense of clarity. Answer these questions from a personal (life) perspective, a professional viewpoint, or a combination of both.

      Ten Questions to Clear

      1. Are you happy with your life – your current circumstances?
      2. Are you moving forward, moving backward, or simply “idling?” Consider this question from the perspective of each of your five Life Spheres: Work, Relationships, Health, Spiritual Growth, Personal Interests.
      3. What purpose do you bring to life each day? Throughout life, we continue to uncover aspects of our spiritual/life purpose. Are you acting in concert with your purpose, allowing it to expand for you?
      4. Who are the most important people in your life? Are you giving them focus, time, and energy?  Are these people connected to the other aspects of your life?
      5. Are you leading a healthy lifestyle? Is your life sustainable, or are you heading for a physical or mental breakdown?
      6. Are you clear about your goals – the things you are trying to achieve? Are your goals written, specific, and measurable? Are they still compelling, relevant, and important to you?
      7. Are you satisfied with the progress you are making, or do you need to make adjustments and corrections?
      8. What do you need to start doing?
      9. What do you need to stop doing? What is the number one limiting belief or behavior standing in your way, and what are you willing to do about it?
      10. What do you need to continue doing? A breakthrough may be right around the corner.

      Focused action is the key to real progress and the way we experience fulfillment in life. But we cannot have this focus without clarity. I hope these questions will lead you to an exciting new understanding of how you wish to grow in the coming year. And I look forward to continuing to provide encouragement and guidance along the journey.

      Keep leaning forward,


    • Jeannie Shapiro says:

      I really enjoyed your presentation at the NAFC in October. You are truly spot on!
      Thank you for adding me to your mailing list.

    • Tak Kurtz says:

      Great Dan! Those ARE hard questions…and might lead several people into divorce court!
      Or several companies without some employees come the beginning of the next year…but it is a GOOD list of questions, a list hard to be honest with. I too… do not trust much in New Years Resolutions…but I do like what they do over here in Japan, for their ritual of New Years. And that is to clean house. Some people even hire teams of cleaners to come into their homes, but most just clean like I have never seen before. Cleaning that makes our spring cleaning seem like dusting. Coming into the new year cleansed. So I agree on getting clear(ed) at the END of the YEAR. A clean space helps me to keep a cleared head.

    • Jack Dozier says:

      Hey Dan,
      Downloaded “Off Balance/On Purpose” onto my Kindle, and am re-reading it. It’s even better the second time around. I’m giving hard copies to all of my family (sons and their wives, sisters, brother, and Mom) for Christmas. I guess you could say I’m gonna book’em, Danno.
      All the best!

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