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Getting Over “Overwhelmed”

Do you frequently feel overwhelmed? This week’s video will help you understand and get past that condition so that you can elevate your enjoyment and contributions in life!



Are you feeling overwhelmed? Want to change that? We’re Off Balance On Purpose in Las Vegas.
Life can be overwhelming. You’re facing challenges, obligations, financial worries, and more. Plus, the people in your life you care about and their problems. How do you hold it all in and keep yourself together?
Well you don’t. You can’t think of everything, all at once, and when you try, you aren’t experiencing much of anything. The blur of frenzied thinking becomes the feeling of overwhelm. When that happens, get out of your brain by going more deeply into your body, your breath, and your immediate moment.
Planning is an activity which requires thinking about the future. But when that activity ends, you can’t remain in planning mode indefinitely. You’re in living mode! Give yourself permission to be present. Take a deep breath, and as you release it, also release your future concerns, at least temporarily.
Whether cooking, working, practicing, having a conversation, or folding laundry, give the thing you’re doing respectful attention and care.  Appreciate your ability to shape what happens and make it better in some way.
As you move through your life, the things you planned eventually happen, yet differently. Often better.  So much was always unknowable, and they’re usually not as big as you feared, but an extension of things you’ve already done.
Plus a lot happens that isn’t planned, and when you can see those as surprises, rather than wrong, then you can incorporate them into your moments. More chances to learn, try, do and grow.  As time passes, which it will, two things can happen. If you approach life as overwhelming, you’ll get great at being constantly overwhelmed. But, if you practice presence, you’ll excel at slowing things down, enjoying life, and contributing at a greater level.
Ironically, the less you worry, the more you can handle and enjoy – one day at a time, one decision at a time, one moment at at time. Until next week, stay Off Balance On Purpose.


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