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      Give and Take

      To fully experience the flow of growth, you must seize both opportunities to give and take. This week’s video will help you contribute more of what’s needed and take advantage of what’s available so you can further your success and influence.



      Life is all about give and take and knowing how and when to do which. So let’s take a moment to give this some thought and intention.

      Giving and taking are the push/pull forces of life – both necessary at times. Offer, and accept. Self-sacrifice and self-advocacy. Extending opportunities and seizing them for yourself.

      With give and take, we all have comfort modes, sometimes to the extremes. Some people constantly subordinate their own needs and desires to everyone else. Others have no problem pursuing,  asking for, or taking whatever they want. These  strategies may work short term, but over time can bring resentment, regret, and unhealthy or damaged relationships.

      Personally, I strive to regularly give thanks, praise, encouragement, respect, deserved credit, and the presumption of honorable intentions. Give of your presence, time,  and resources. In my experience, this only brings more opportunities and stronger relationships, as well as spiritual renewal. However, you may occasionally need to set boundaries and guidelines to protect yourself from those who take advantage.

      When it comes to taking, take time to think, plan, and create. Take compliments and critiques with equal humility. Take your “wins,” successes, and progress as new benchmarks. Take opportunities that resonate and simultaneously make you nervous. Give your full effort and commitment, and take breaks to rest and refocus when you get tired and sloppy.

      Work on your weakness. Give more if that’s difficult for you. Take more if that’s tough for you. In doing so, you will become more confident, empathetic, and attuned to this positive tension or flow between give and take, which is where your success and influence takes shape.

      Until next week, give, take, and stay Off Balance On Purpose.

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