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Giving Thankfully

What’s the relationship between gratitude and generosity? This week’s video explores that question and announces a very special opportunity to uplift those who need it most!



What’s  the relationship between gratitude and generosity? This week we’re giving thanks and announcing a special give away. We’re Off Balance On Purpose, in Phoenix, AZ.

Thanksgiving, here in the United States, is an important, cherished tradition when we express our gratitude for life, for what we have, for who we are, and for those we love. And sometimes, giving thanks will inspire you to give, because you are thankful. 2020 has been so deeply challenging, and yet perhaps like me, you find yourself even more grateful for so much that we may have been taking for granted.

This year, even in the midst of all the fear, disruption, economic impact, and physical restrictions, I am enormously grateful. For my family, friends and team. For my health and the ability to do what I love and help people find direction, hope, and confidence. One thing is for sure, there is no shortage of people or organizations who need help.

Which brings me to the announcement. We are giving away a fully-produced, customized, live virtual experience, delivered from our amazing studio in Atlanta, Georgia to the school, non-profit organization, or charity you choose, for EVERY live virtual event that’s booked between now and the end of the year. Book one. Give one.  And double the impact.

So, book me to deliver your company’s kickoff for the year, Virtual Conference, customer appreciation event, leadership summit, sales rally, or any other digital event, and you get to “Give One” to a school, or organization that you want to support as an expression of your gratitude.

We are really excited about this, and you don’t even have to know the exact dates or recipient in order to make this happen. We will work with you to figure out a plan for the greatest positive impact, knowing that the need for encouragement,  clarity and performance improvement really is universal.  If you’re interested, please visit our website and fill our your info, and we will schedule a brainstorming session with you.

And please, however you choose to safely celebrate this Thanksgiving, let’s go deep in our gratitude and generosity.  Initiate positivity. Give of your time, presence and resources. You will receive a wonderful peace, a deeper purpose, and new possibilities that you will not even expect. Until next week, stay Off Balance On Purpose.


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