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      Grow Both Ways

      What’s your approach to improving something in your life? This week’s video will give you a strategy to grow from two directions simultaneously, increasing both your speed of progress and lasting results.



      As you commit to or persist with personal improvements, consider that growth goes both ways.

      First of all, instead of framing your desires for improvement as “change,” that is… becoming something you’re currently not, see it as “growth,” becoming MORE of your intentions and true self. Change is a battle. Growth is natural, good, and an extension of LIFE! To grow more quickly and effectively, also consider it happens both from the outside in AND the inside out.

      Let’s say, for example, you want to grow to become more healthy. Well, there’s a lot you can do from the outside in. You can study, learn, model someone, move or eat differently, create specific habits and routines.

      Of course that makes sense. And also consider that you grow from the inside out, aligning your self-image to someone who is, at your core, healthy. Grow your mindset. Adjust how you think, speak and write.  And identify with the healthy person you already are and deserve more of.

      Because growth goes both ways, your outside behavior and internal vision affect one another. The more you do what’s necessary, the easier it is to believe. And the more you grow internally, the easier the path you’ll travel as you align your external reality to match your inner one.

      Apply this idea to other growth intentions, like better relationships, money matters, spiritual and mental wellness. Really any aspect of life. When you grow simultaneously from the outside in and the inside out, you’ll make faster progress and create more enduring results. So until next week, keep going and keep growing, Off Balance On Purpose.


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