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Harsh Realities

Which is more comfortable to you – ​your inner world, or your external world? ​Do things seem fine on the surface when you’re actually really struggling? Or are you facing external challenges, but processing them with internal peace?

​​Which world, if you had to choose, is actually more important?

  • Andy Kosiarek says:

    Great Message Dan! We often struggle with everyday stresses without realizing how spun-up we get from them. It’s great to remember that we can choose our responses to these stresses and make choices about how we will react. The inside is so much more manageable than the outside!

  • Esther Thurmon says:

    As always, a timely and on point message. Thank you Dan.

  • Michael Flaherty says:

    Great Stuff! Side-bar, looks a little too much like where I live, ha, ha…. But, yet another deeply thoughtful and powerful message DT – in internal versus external importance in thought. So awesome and DEEPLY thought provoking.

  • Diana Thurmon says:

    My good friend just had knee surgery two days ago and said that YOUR message was very timely for her. She is healing nicely and walking without a walker after knee replacement, even though she can’t take pain meds. Internally strong and it reflects on her outer world!

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