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      Healthy Comparison

      Comparing yourself to other people can be detrimental to your happiness. Yet there’s a healthy method of comparison that will inspire and guide you toward success and self confidence. Learn how in this week’s video.



      Comparison totally works against you. Don’t do it. Unless you do it this way.
      When you compare yourself to others you open yourself to both resentment and arrogance, because there will always be people beyond and below you in any particular measure. So please, stop comparing yourself to others. We all have different strengths, you don’t really know their hardships, and your life is what matters to you.
      However, one form of comparison that is totally healthy happens when you compare yourself … to yourself.
      Don’t feel like you’re making much progress? Take a look back and see how steep the hill is you’ve been climbing, and how far you’ve already come. It may not feel that way because you’ve been here all along, but compared to old you, you’re a huge improvement.
      Or maybe in some ways you’ve slipped back from former habits, abilities, or clarity of direction. Totally healthy to notice that and remember… That was you! If you want you can reclaim those qualities, because you’ve already done it and know what it takes. In this case, old you is an old friend, saying “remember that you’ve got this.”
      Finally, compare yourself to future you. Aspirational you. How well are you living the principles, behaviors, and results you value and want your work and life to be about? It’s not about being more like someone else, but in better alignment with the you you’re becoming.
      When you compare yourself to the you that uplifts you, the you that inspires you, and the challenging you, yet to come, you can realize and access more of the potential you already have. So until next week, know you’re amazing, and stay Off Balance On Purpose.


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