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Higher Standards

What are your standards of excellence, and how important are they, really? Should I have compromised here and lowered my standards? You decide.




What are your standards of excellence, and just how important are they, really? This week we’re Off Balance On Purpose, in Georgia.
Earlier this week I was in Phoenix, Arizona, at a beautiful resort and I shot a video which featured stunning scenery, a meaningful message, and not-so-great audio. What a disappointment to listen to the footage on the plane coming home and realizing I can’t use this. Honestly, a year ago, we would have made it work. It was okay. Understandable. But just not up to the standards you and I now expect.
Your standards of excellence matter, even on the little things. And, when your standards increase over time, so do the expectations for consistency. If that sounds exhausting, or unfair, realize that when you increase your standards, you don’t just get the obligations for fulfilling them, you also get all the benefits higher standards bring.
Excellence attracts excellence. People, opportunities, and recognitions will flow toward you and, through circumstances you can’t even predict, elevate and reward you.  It doesn’t take a lot to stand apart from the norm.  And often, it’s the little things that create the shift. Your words. Consideration for others. And the simple acts and self-enforced standards, even when you think no one is looking.
The intended message is coming soon. But today, this one cuts to the front of the line, reminding all of us that your standards define you and become your personal brand. So choose excellence, not to show off or show others up, but because life is more meaningful and fun when your standards aren’t quite so … standard. Until next week, stay Off Balance On Purpose.



  • tak kurtz says:

    Here’s to Dan for his gold standard ! Great video!
    I actually stopped and went back right at that one point …
    wondering if my download of the video messed up the sync.
    Here is a little tidbit I learned from my Dad. You know how people in the states
    make fun of the lip-sync on Godzilla movies and such? Well…when I first got to Japan I was amazed
    at how great the Japanese were at taking American movies and TV shows and putting the japanese lip sync perfect over the
    movement of the American actors lips!
    I mentioned it to my Dad, who informed me that a company in Germany got the importing rights to the
    Japanese films that we grew up seeing. The lip sync to English from Japanese was done in Germany, not Japan…and of
    course… not done so well!

    • Dan Thurmon says:

      Very cool story about the lip syncing. Lear something new every day! We didn’t even think that cutting to the other video would create that impression, but it totally makes sense. In any rate, always appreciate your feedback and encouragement. We’ll keep pushing for the gold standard!

  • Thanks Dan for helping “raise the bar” in so many ways!

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