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Holiday Wishes

As you celebrate the season in your own special way, my family and I wanted to  pass along our own personal wishes to you and your loved ones. Time is fleeting and yet life is precious. Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of yours!




  • David L Shelby says:


    The love your family has is apparent in your compassion for all of us. Since you’re performance last year at National Property Management Association, I’ve felt connected to you like someone finally understands me. Off balance is a way of life and I have always lived that way. As your family gathers to share love with each, please know that it extends outside your home and my family is loving, off balance on purpose always!

  • Ed Schrier says:

    Dan: Thank you! And a Very Merry Christmas and Blessings in the New Year

  • Andy & Tracy Kosiarek & Family says:

    Dear Dan & Family,

    Thank you for your Holiday wishes, and for a year of inspiring messages! We always enjoy hearing from you and seeing you and the rest of your family in action. We send our heartfelt wishes for a very Merry Christmas, and a joyous and rewarding New Year. Hope to get out to see you and the family early in 2019, and look forward to being closer as we migrate South. Love you all!

  • Diana Thurmon says:

    Beautiful, warm message……thank you………..and one of OUR biggest blessings is that we’ll be speeding the holidays with you and your family! Happiest of new years to all!

  • Tak Kurtz says:

    Wow Dan that is wonderful! So great to see all you guys on Christmas …from so far away!
    you are inspirational in so many ways…Love you Brother!
    Tak and family

  • Judy Borisky says:

    In case you think I have ever forgotten our brief but important meeting in the Delta club,
    receiving this message was special.
    It wasnt my relative, but my son in law lost his mother only a week ago after 7 months of critical care.
    While everyone runs around thinking Happy Christmas , and all of the profiles that MUST BE MET, ,we MUST think of others who juist cannot.
    What a wonderful and thoughtful message this was and I will immediately send this over to my daughter and son in law..
    As usual, YOU imagine how life is for lots of different categories of people .
    Judy Borisky in Birmingham

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