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      Hone Your Tone

      At a time of deafening “noise” in the world, how do you choose to communicate? This week’s video will help you become more intentional and effective in shaping your words and honing your tone.



      Communication is essential to humanity, yet humans have made it more difficult and less effective. This week we’re Off Balance On Purpose, honing our tone.
      When speaking with someone face to face, it’s clear who is talking, and we receive the full measure of meaning. Words, tone, context, expressions and body language.
      On the phone I lose your non-verbals and when texting, tone can be lost completely. Humor is often misconstrued and I’m left to interpret what I think you mean, because emojis only help so much.
      And then there are posts, which aren’t just to me, but to everyone. To whom was this intended? Tone is unclear, and I’m not sure exactly what you mean, or how much you mean it. Was this a random thought, an off-handed remark, or a heartfelt belief?
      Sound without purpose is noise. Sound with intention, context, and tone is music. Musicians, like our son, Eddie, spend years “honing their tone,” discovering a sound that is signature, interesting and listenable. What if we sought those same aspirations for our words?
      Signature. Take pride in communicating with originality and precision. Select your words with care and artistry. Choose masters to study. And add words, ideas and skills to refine your signature style, as every exchange is a chance to practice.
      Interesting. Rather than repeating what you heard, add something new to the conversation. Master brevity to maximize interest.
      Listenable. Are you seeking dissonance or listen-ability? And which approach might more effectively persuade? Make it easier to be within the scope of your influence and the sound of your words.
      I asked my friend, Mike Rayburn, virtuoso guitarist and speaker for his thoughts on tone. Mike said, “this may sound esoteric, but achieving a profound tone happens when you get INSIDE the note. Instead of simply playing it, you’re emoting the full measure of the music that flows through you. Tone is the note, plus your heart and spirit.”
      Let’s stop making noise and start making music. Instead of simply playing it, or saying it, infuse your tone with heart and spirit – better words, skills and ideas ,and an elevated, clear intention. Until next week, stay Off Balance On Purpose.


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