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We have some challenging weeks ahead of us. You will be bombarded with negativity from every angle.

So how do you stay positive, for yourself and others? Here’s a strategy to make HOPE happen.




When your foundation is rocked and negativity abounds, how do you reclaim positive? This week we’re Off Balance On Purpose and hopeful.

You’ve heard the expression, “hope is not a strategy.” I disagree. Hope is the first, foundational step of any strategy. You must believe that “better” is possible. Otherwise, why bother? This means that you need a strategy to hold onto hope, or to reclaim it if it has slipped your grip.

People sometimes ask me, Dan, how do you stay so positive? And the answer:  I don’t. Just like you, my moods swing from mostly positive to, occasionally, experiencing doubt and fear.  I don’t stay in the place of “bullet proof optimism,” but I know how to get back there. And the way you do it isn’t “having HOPE,” but “activating HOPE.” Here’s how.

H= Help – Shift from self-focus to help and encourage someone else. Assist and inspire them, and listen in to what you say.
O = Open – Rather than seeing only one “closed” possibility, open your mind to infinite and better options. They DO exist!

P =Perspective – Distance yourself from the immediacy of what’s happening. Imagine your circumstances from a distance and on a wider timeline.

E = Enjoy – Coming back to NOW, find something you can observe and deeply enjoy. If you can smile, laugh, and appreciate, then you have joy and can activate hope that the world is right and beautiful. You’ll begin to see more evidence to support your case.

Remember how very different you felt just a few short weeks ago? Well, what if you could experience a similar shift for the better to feel more confident and stronger just a short few weeks from now? Or maybe much sooner.

These challenges can strengthen us and make us better.  And HOPE IS the strategy.

Help others. Open your mind. Shift your perspective. Enjoy your moments. And hope will be yours, in abundance.

Until next week, stay hope FULL, and Off Balance On Purpose.


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