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How to Get Out of a FUNK

What should you do when you’re unsure, uninspired, and in a “FUNK?” The answer is likely not what you think. This week’s video will help you understand why funks are normal, and provides four ways to un-funk yourself.



What should you do if you’re unsure, uninspired, and in a funk? The answer is likely not what you think.

I love funk music, but lately I’ve been in a bit of a funk, which is not nearly as enjoyable. Not that things are going wrong or badly, just feeling off my normal game, and, well, a bit unsure of myself and my next move.

Funks happen to everyone, regardless of your life situation. And not knowing why is a big part of what makes it, a FUNK. In fact, I wrote this acronym to help us sort it out.







You might change “unsure” to “unclear,” “uninspired,” or “unworthy.” But in general, it’s a “less than” sense of self. You’re feeling funky, and not in a good way. So how do you change that, especially if you don’t know the cause? The answer, is to focus less on yourself.

Numerous research studies confirm the correlation between self-focus and negative mental states, including anxiety and depression. By examining and trying to fix the problem, you create a loop, a “meta” condition where you’re thinking about thinking, and the process perpetuates the problem. So, here are four ways to un-funk yourself.

1. Get Social – Don’t wait until you’re feeling better to see people. When in a funk, you need less alone time.

2. Help Someone – Put your attention and efforts on being useful, and your self worth will naturally rise.

3. Get Moving – Exert yourself physically to improve yourself mentally.

4. Self Challenge – Take on a new skill, project, or responsibility, and get to learning and doing what’s necessary.

Personal FUNKs are normal, and probably a sign that you’re ready for something more. So put on some music, like an old school funk mix, and look outward, not inward, for your next chance to groove and grow. Until next week, stay Off Balance On Purpose.


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