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How to Master Moments

Ever feel like life is moving past you too quickly? Here’s a simple technique to slow it down, “anchor” your attention, and bring more of YOU to your present moments.


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  • Amy Dernus says:

    Dan. Loved this. Staying ‘present’ is a real challenge for me and this tip was fantastic. I’m going to watch it again so it sticks. Thanks for sending. Ps: I work at BigSpeak and have some stuff in the works for you. I really hope it works out. Would love to work with you. Cheers!

    • Dan Thurmon says:

      Thank you Amy! I am truly grateful for your partnership as I prepare to deliver a fantastic presentation for ADP in Boston! Here’s to many more wonderful collaborations in our future!

  • Beth Clark says:

    I tell everyone I know who is getting married to practice something like this at their wedding reception. It is something my husband and I did. We purposefully stepped back and just OBSERVED everyone else having a good time for a few minutes. Sure, we flitted from table to table doing the grip and grin with family and friends, but for a handful of moments, we stood back away from everyone else and just watched. I have wonderful memories from my wedding day now thanks to that. Things I wouldn’t have otherwise seen or known had happened…things that wouldn’t have been captured in pictures…they’re captured in my mind forever. That’s the best kind of picture!

  • After years of supposedly multi-tasking, I have found that I am not multi-talking, I am doing one thing and ignoring the other thing in the background. If I want to watch a video like yours, I need to stop everything else and focus on it. And even during the brief video, I found myself almost pulled off into doing things twice. So this is a timely video for me.

  • Being present “in the moment” definitely takes practice, and I’m pretty good at it – after 20+ years since the concept was introduced to me. The challenge is noticing the degree to which most others are not present in the moment — pretending to listen while looking at a monitor and continuing to type, interrupting with a different topic mid-sentence as though they never heard the first part of what you were trying to express, etc. Thanks for broaching this topic! This is a video definitely worth sharing (hmmm, will they get it?).

  • Christine Strickland says:

    Hi Dan! While on vacation recently, I decided to be more deliberate about being present and focusing on the moment. I was amazed (and disappointed) to look around at the other passengers who were so glued to their devices that they were missing the beautiful sites. I vacation technology free – on purpose so that I can really relax and recharge. That allows me to seize the moment and enjoy. While others were glued to e-mail, facebook and who knows what else, I caught a glimpse of a beautiful swan gliding peacefully along the river in front of an ancient, stately manor – priceless.

    After a week of living that way, I’ve promised myself to slow down and pay attention to the simple things. Technology has it place and can wait for it’s turn. Thanks for always being inspiring my friend!

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