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Are you currently focused on flaws and faults? Even during times of lack, there is a great deal that is improving. This week’s video will help you access improvement and affect positive change.



In what ways are you definitely getting better? This week we’re Off Balance On Purpose and improving.
When some aspects of your business or life are declining or flat, it is essential that you identify others that are improving. This is not to diminish the significance of your reality, but to establish the fact that you are a person who can make things better.
I think that life is less about big wins or specific goals and more about long-term trajectory. We want to look back from our future with satisfaction and pride at our progress and accomplishments. And this means we need to establish an upward trajectory of improvement – not in one meaningful aspect, but in many. And make no mistake, there are many significant improvements that you can make – or are already making – which you can leverage to increase your confidence, self-worth, and enjoyment of life.
Turns out that 2020 is the year I’m improving my fitness, becoming a better husband, and thanks to my daughter and TikTok,  a better dancer. Who saw that coming? This year, I’m improving my understanding and empathy for others. And I’m getting great at delivering virtual presentations in an amazing studio that we envisioned, and created. And because of that, we’re helping people and teams improve, all over the world!
Is everything getting better? Of course not. But by claiming what is, you establish your ability to affect positive change that matters. And this means you can apply those same principles – focus, discipline, creativity, joy, and effort – to make other meaningful and necessary improvements.

Don’t wait another minute. Improve something. Own your reality and results. And rather than fixating on what is less than ideal, create an upward trajectory that is positive, personal, and of your design. Until next week, keep improving, and stay Off Balance On Purpose.


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