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Don’t underestimate the power of one person’s influence. This week Dan shares a BIG moment from backstage at the 2018 Influence Conference just minutes before becoming President of the National Speakers Association. You’ll also learn three ways to step up to bigger challenges in your life.


  • Marguerite D'Angelo says:

    Congrats! I must say that you walked off the stage at the end with the energy and enthusiasm of a young boy. The right man for the right job at the right time. Keep the joy and have fun with the position.

  • Kurtz Tak says:

    Wow! Best one yet! I felt like you were talking right to me … not to a vast group… and yet… that’s what you do… and it makes people think you are speaking straight to them. It’s amazing to see where you have gone since I’ve know. You! And hey Glenna that is got a common name, it was my moms name.
    I’m very proud of you. I could probably use a talk soon.

  • joy stasiak says:

    congrats. you deserve e it.

  • Congratulations Dan,
    I’ve been a fan of yours since seeing you in an event in Las Vegas many years ago!
    You will be a great President of your organization!!
    Best wishes,
    Dan Dohrn

  • Sue Keenan says:

    Congrats Dan!

  • Lily says:

    Congratulations Dan! Though I’m not surprised that you’ll be leading the organization since you’re such an engaging speaker and have so much knowledge and perspective to share. I totally agree with your message in this video. Acknowledging someone else’s ability/talent does plant a seed of possibility and as more people provide affirmation it gives one the confidence to take their talents to the next level. Thanks for all your positive messages (via the blog and books) that help make the world a better place. I know that my mindset has been changed for the better.

  • Andy says:

    What an honor but beyond deserving. Congratulations on the role as President of NSA! Appreciate all your material and you are a true inspiration. Wonderful speaking with you a few weeks ago and look forward to seeing you in the near future. All my best!

  • Tony Ingle says:

    Dan “ The Man “ one word best describes another
    Coaching moment from you ……drum roll please …….. “ PERFECTION “. !!!
    Thanks ! TI

  • Beth Clark says:

    Congratulations, Dan!!!

    Polly Pinney from Arizona State is “my Glenna Salsbury.” And I’ve shared your video with her so she knows it.

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