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Instant Success

When I say success, what do you think of? What may come to mind are all the qualities, conditions, and circumstances that you’d like to have, but don’t. In actuality, you embody right now a track record of success you can leverage.





Do you want to be an instant success? Well get ready, because today we’re going to make that happen. We are Off Balance On Purpose in Tallahassee.
When I say success, what do you think of? What may come to mind are all the qualities, conditions, and circumstances that you’d like to have, but don’t. In other words, success is “out there,” separate and apart from what you are and have now. And believing that simultaneously limits you and absolves you of responsibility.
In truth, you are tremendously successful right now. You have succeeded in creating all of the conditions, results and circumstances of your life. And it wasn’t easy. I mean creating your current norm took tremendous work, even if the “success” you currently enjoy … or suffer … isn’t the success you ultimately want.
Overweight? You have been successful at creating that result. Have you smoked for years? Well done. Because smoking requires considerably more effort, expense, and complication than not smoking. And you did it! Got fired from your job? That took some doing! Or maybe created some debt? A dysfunctional relationship? Or reached the top of a career that you can’t stand!
If the success that you have isn’t the success you want,  you can change it, but ONLY IF – and please hear me – only if you realize that you created this reality, and your track record of success means you can also create a new one.
Make the leap from “I did it again,” followed by self-abuse and criticism. To “I did it again,” as an objective observation and a realization that now, given the same prompts and conditions, you can choose a different path.
Recognize your current success pattern. And then disrupt it. Substitute a new thought for the one you would typically choose. Don’t try to be more efficient, as the “easy path” will bring you back to your current success sweet spot. Instead, put positive road blocks in your way that force you to re-think your choices and priorities.  And once you start getting better results, claim them  and repeat! “I did it! Again.” You are successful now. You got this. And you’ll get “that” too, by applying the same principles differently.
In this instant, own your success and your responsibility to redefine it. Because you are amazing! Share this video with someone you care about, and until next week, stay Off Balance On Purpose.
  • David Kresge says:

    I watch your videos as a result of you speaking at our Murphy Conference. Well done and thanks.

  • Jeff says:

    One of my favorites… Nice job !

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