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Iraq 4

(L) On stage with members of the support team after the show. I counted no less than 100 people who were actively engaged in security and logistics in order to allow our show to happen! (R) An Iraqi fighter at Al Asad.

29 March, Al Asad, Iraq1520 (3:20 pm)

After the last update, we set out on a tour of this impressive base, meeting talented and dedicated individuals along the way. We met with the fire department to discuss the use of juggling torches in the show and got the green light. Among the other highlights, we saw more disabled aircraft, as well as ancient ruins with historic Biblical significance. According to legend, this area was one of the places Abraham stopped to rest as he was traveling to and from Ur. The Oasis still stands, but the inviting water is now extremely toxic. We were sternly warned against touching it.

Our last performance, as I have previously mentioned, took place in a grand theater. What a fitting way to end the trip, playing to a full house on a big stage with the full complement of quality sound and lighting. We pulled out all the stops and the show lasted two full hours. Afterward, as has been our tradition, we visited with the crowd for awhile, taking photos, signing postcards, and sharing stories from both home and abroad. I met several other people from the Atlanta area, which was enjoyable. We also saw Corp. Pat Steffa, one of the dog handlers we had met during the K-9 demonstration in Fallujah.

After packing up the gear, we retired to our “cans,” or sleeping quarters, and the four of us, along with Maj. Tootle and Col. Saunders, enjoyed a victory cigar to celebrate the completion of our mission.

This morning, we went to breakfast than a quick workout.

Wait a minute! I’ve just been alerted that we have to leave immediately, as a brand new Marine C130 is available. Looks like we can get back to Kuwait earlier than expected if we hurry!

The security was extremely efficient in Al Asad. We all appreciate the efforts of (L-R) Cpl Eric Kyne, Cpl Daniel Patron, Cpl Steven Williams, and Cpl Colin Martin. Not only were they great at their jobs, but also terrific guys whom we all enjoyed getting to know.

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